Missile Defense


Genre : Scoring – 1 player

Game Jam : Retro Gaming
Theme : Reproduce an old school game style

Collect the maximum of bombs (green dots) and to put them in safe place (green squares).
while grabbing more and more bombs, you’re likely to be overheating, drop bombs the system drops it by himself, making millions and millions of dead people.
Developped during a Retro Gaming Jam, we decided to pay tributes to the pre-pixel era (1947-1970), when first games emerged from scientific lab’s. We imagined the release of our game around 1960, 2 years after the release of Tennis for Two. The game is inspired by the historical context (cold war) and takes again the characteristics of the first games (simple gameplay, great difficulty).
You may notice that we tried to reproduce some king of oscilloscope graphic style. 🙂

Role: Programmation, Graphics
Technologies : Unity3D, C#
Team: Paul Garnier (Prog), David Guinot & Aurore Galati (SD)

(Unity plug-in required)