Generic stats system for easy prototyping

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Most games embed a statistics or attributes systems and build the gameplay around it.

But when you start prototyping a new game, you don’t know how will look like your final architecture, which algorithms you’ll use and certainly not all the variables you’ll use/need.

That’s why I was searching for a simple and flexible stats structure to start with, that would also remove the burden of cleaning your code after some feature testing (aka. I want to keep my core classes as clean as possible).

On that purpose, I wrote a stats class that implements some recurrent needs in video games. Basically, it works as an enhanced C# dictionary that handles stats operations (add, mult, sub, div) on single and multiple fields.

Pros :

  • Lightweight integration : Add one file to your project and you’re good to go
  • Easy to use : Manipulate stats as a dictionary or with custom API (allowing specific behaviors)
  • Flexible : Add/remove new stats at run-time without declaring it as a members. No need to pollute your core classes.
  • Extensible : Stats class only inherit from IDictionary interface, you can make it inherit from any concrete class of yours
  • Enumerable : As it’s a dictionary, it’s easily loop through your stats (great for early UI development)
  • Stats operators are really useful : Add, Sub, Div, Mult on multiple field helps building basic items/boost (potions, weapons, etc.)

Cons :

  • Source code inspection can be harder as you search by key usage instead of references — you might end up using a helper class (see code samples on git)
  • Subject to mistake as you can easily overwrite any stats you didn’t knew was used (bigger team, higher mistake risks)
  • Only handles floats : You must work with ID’s when referencing external resources — but that seems to be a good practice to me
  • Generic dictionary serialization can be a burden depending on your system
  • Useful but still basic (no linked stats, no clamped values, etc.) : you might need to extend core structure


Here is a code sample of how you can use this class :

Code Insight – Dirty Flag Pattern

I take advantage of this article to present a little optimization technique that you might want to reuse.

The way I implemented Hashcode computation involves iteration through the whole container, summing all key/value pair together. Relative to the size of the container, hashcode computation can become costly and if you use GetHashCode() method, you don’t want to do a full computation when your stats collection didn’t changed.

I prevent this extra computation by caching hashcode value and setting a flag (isDirty) to true when value change operations has been performed (add, set, remove).

Thereby, when GetHachCode() method is called, we only recompute the hashcode value if IsDirty is set to true. Otherwise, we return the cached value.

This technique is often refered as “Dirty Flag Pattern” and is used in various optimization context. You can learn more details about the pattern in this online book :

Get The Code

Get the full code on my git repository

Use it any way you want (MIT Licence) and feel free to contact me if you have any remark or question.

I hope sharing this can be of any use in your current and future projects.


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    • Clément Grenier

      Hey, thank you for your comment, it cheers me up, as it’s my first article, it pumps up my motivations to do more. 🙂

      Regarding browser text issue, I thought I fixed that thing. I’m not able to reproduce the issue (tested browsers : Firefox, Edge, IE, Chrome). What are your settings (Firefox version and type of device you’re using)? I’d be glad to fix this once for all.

      My future plans are, as you said, writing more articles and some related to this one. I’m thinking about a more advanced stats system version (addressing listed issues) or a complete ability system for RPG or MOBA. And I have plenty of other topics in mind that I would like to talk about (and hopefully share some useful code).

      Have you some specific topics you’d like to hear about?

      Thanks again for commenting and I hope you’ll fix your letters issue. 😉

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